Good news: I've a new Job! Bad news: it means the Blog has to end.

I wanted my 100th post to be a celebration, but unfortunately I've been doing a lot of thinking the last few days and I've decided to end the blog. As some of you know I'm coming to the end of my PhD and I've been thinking about what to do next.

I'm doing an Astrophysics PhD you see, and thanks to the £80 million deficit that has hit UK astronomy since PPARC merged with the STFC Astronomy in the UK is almost dead in the water.

Combine this with a blossoming commercial exploitation of astronomy that currently in a vibrant upswing and I've inevitably had to leave academia.

But thankfully not science!

Massive datasets are a great commercial asset at present (think google maps), and I've a new job where I'll be using my scientific and computational modelling skills to combine the Sloan digital sky survey with user data, to work out positional vectors between the earth (at a specific time) and the vast numbers of celestial objects in the catalogue, including galaxies, quasars and stars. I'll even be utilising WMAP - the earliest image of the structure of the Universe ever taken.

This will lead to a radical improvement in various fields of predictive science. One I feel I can be at the forefront off. Hence I'll be involved with the launching of the first Astrophysical Prediction Survey service to combine tried and tested astro-psychological research with the massive datasets Astromoners are returning like Sloan and the WMAP survey.

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The idea that your nature can be predicted by the motion of 9 planets will look quaint and positively ridiculous once I've finished processing the 200 million celestial objects in the Sloan Catalog.

That and Astrology pays better. But it's contradictory topic to the blog, so I'm afraid i've got to let the blog go.


Anonymous said...

This better be a joke.

Lave said...

Aye, aye. It was meant to wind up an Astronomy friend. I've spent the last few days convincing him that I'm going to sell out.

I'm tempted though. Jonathan Cainer (the daily mail guy) makes £2 million a year.

And I could totally make money bullshitting about the Sloan Survey and WMAP. Just some shit about integrating the total mass within the region of the sky that each Sign of the Zodiac resides.

Then some bullshit press release about how a "Dr" has found Taurus being the heaviest star sign, and The Super Massive Black Hole in the Milky Way causes Libra's heart ache, would totally make it into some worthless rag.

And bam charlatan status guaranteed.

Lave said...

Whoops meant to link the 2m source:

Here it is

LewieP said...

Had me going for a second there, maybe because I only got around to reading it on the 2nd of April...

Good show!