Comic #01 - Internet Drama

misguided attempts at xkcd style insight/humour, comics #1 - Internet Drama: Comment threads inherently probe the edges of the bell curve.
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lewiep said...

This is both utterly wrong, and complete bullshit. I emphatically disagree with it in it's entirety.

Dr* T said...

Lewiep, it's clear you are from the school of "I can't express myself".

The article eloquently described loads of things accurately.

You are (yet again) wrong.

Andjam said...

If you replaced "POV of article" with "an accurate description of the subject", and "those bothered to reply" with "those bothered to edit wikipedia", it'd be an apt way of describing why some Wikipedia articles are a bloodbath.

Lave said...

Every post here has made me very happy. Cheers!

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