Don't forget about the News Fart.

Rather busy at the mo, what with the final year of my Phd an all, but I've a few things in the pipe line, For instance I've been meaning to talk about the whole Scientology thing that's happening at the minute, but I've no time.

So during this period I'm pushing The News Fart to the top of the blog. I typically try and drop one or two links in it a day, and they're pretty interesting to me at least.

Also click on The News Farts title to be taken to the archive of previous links.

Sorry if it looks a little ugly, and sorry about the emails I've yet to use or reply too. I really appreciate them though!

Tom Cruise on Tom Cruise... Scientologist!

I'm only 1 min 20 secs into this, and I've stopped it to post the link, because the Scientological Lawyer Strike Force Alpha will destroy it in days if not hours.

Nevertheless it seems its the massive viral of the day, I've already had two emails about it.

Incidentally, whilst I condone no IP theft, the download link on the google page does work...