I've just had my Viva. I'm a quasi-doctor now.

Hello! I've not been posting lately because I've been preparing for the Viva for my PhD. This is where scarily bright people quiz you about your Thesis and all the work you've been doing over the last 3+ years. If you pass it then you've basically passed your PhD.

And I passed!

I've got some 'minor corrections', which is normal, and they don't seem too bad. Mainly typos (which readers of this blog will understand), and a couple of extra columns in a table, and an extra figure. In fact they are actually quite interesting additions, so barring any major cock ups, I'll be graduating next year.

Now I know there has been some rumours about who the next Doctor is and all the smart money is on the excellent Patterson Joseph, but It's not for me to put myself forward. Still A Doctor of Astrophysics. Surely thats enough for them to at least consider me right?

Could I be the next Doctor? That is not for me to say. Because the answers is no. No matter how many Sonic Screwdriver Oystercards I make.

Normal service will resume after I've stopped walking around in a daze, not being able to believe it is done.