Skeptobot stumbles into Twenty-Ten

Twenty-Ten, Twenty-Ten, Twenty-Ten, finally we hit a decade where we can go back to sensible pronunciation. It's also the fifth year of Skeptobot's irregular postings, which is nice. So it seems like time I summed up what is happening.

Despite the blog being quite things are on the up:

  • The leg is healed (though it seems I'll always have a slight case of 'kruger foot').
  • My work means I'm still suffering from little internet access till at least April, but...
  • I have a fancy iPhone now, so I've got my RSS feeds and twitter for my commute, which should help keep me in the loop.
  • I even have web hosting, so a lot more is possible. I'm even musing an occasional Herrin and Collings style lo-fi podcast.

The web hosting is currently a mirror of Skeptobot at

and I'm still pondering how best to use it all.

I like the idea of Skeptobot publishing content I've made, and RockPaperSkeptic being a combined feed of skeptobot posts, informal posts, posts about other peoples stuff and even tweets. The honour of being syndicated on badscienceblogs means I'm always hesitant to make 'trivial' posts.

Any advice how best to achieve that (RPS is running Wordpress, Skeptobot uses Blogger) would be most appreciated. Likewise for any other suggestions you might have.

Thanks for continuing to read my infrequent rambles, I'll be endevering to post more this year as thanks, so happy new year and that.

- Bill