Skeptobot has an official mascot, Skeptobot - the skeptical robot.

A Super Internet Chum by the name of Dimrill has been kind enough to create a super-duper living* mascot for the site. A Robot with a Top Hat and a Monocle. And he's looking skeptical of something. Do you see? It's perfect and I love it.

Skeptobot - your Skeptical Robot Chum (click to 'bigify')

Dimrill's artistc talent helped inspire my embarrassing attempt at getting some of that xkcd and Wellington Grey mullah, in the post below this. Expect a quick succession of updates as I try and push it out of sight and mind. Oh and anyone wanting to point out I've used the American spelling for this British Robot (and site) can shut up. 'Sceptic' just makes me think of a septic disease.

For more of Dimrill's excellent shenanigans visit his website. (The little animated gif people are my favourite.)

*not living