TED Sunday #001: Larry Lessig on "How creativity is being strangled by the law"

I've just discovered that the truly excellent TED conference talks can now be embedded off site, and I can't think of a better way to spend a lazy Sunday than getting some fresh ideas eloquently explained by an excellent mind. So, if you want to join me, each Sunday I'll cherry pick a superb TED talk that we can watch and digest, before putting up with another week of idiocy stinking up The News Fart.

The first talk had to go to one of my favourite speakers Larry Lessig. He's a Professor of Law at Stanford, and for every public figure who doesn't understand this interweb future we live in we've got we him to stick up for us. If you don't know him, then I'm sure you've consumed or even created media licensed under his Creative Commons copyrights.

And even if the future of IP doesn't interest you his style of presenting, nick named the Lessig method, makes this talk worth watching (and stealing). Proof, if ever it was needed, that Powerpoint doesn't have to be the bullet point riddled, thought diluting, brain clamp it often seems to be.

I don't want to get all political, but the fact that Obama turned to Lessig to work out where he stands on all these damn Internets fills me with a flicker of hope.


Anonymous said...

Lessig's presentation style is brilliant. I really will have to try fitting some of that in to my talks, not sure it would for a lot of conference presentations in my field but would be great for talking to lay persons where you want to portray a general idea rather than a set of facts or data.

Bill said...

Yeah, I completely agree.

It's no where near a perfect strategy for a scientific talk. But it does remind you that you're either listening to the speaker or reading what they've put on the slide, and it's depressing common (in Astrophysics at least) to be stuck not quite managing to do both. Which makes it very easy (for me at least) to lose the thread of a challenging talk.

I know it's something I'm guilty of in my talks, so I now try to minimise my text, and have slides which are just the figures, or the tables, which I then explain.

I've been lucky enough to have done a little bit of public outreach during my PhD and, like you said, I think it's then that this approach can really shine.

LewieP said...

Everyone should watch this video.

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