Dear London SITP goers, fancy a Ninja Skeptical Science Nomadic HQ monthly meet up for Schemes and Adventures?

Heard of “tuttles“? From what I gather they’re basically a chance for people into ‘social networking’ to meet up and work on ideas together. I suspect they talk about things like ‘The Cloud’ and ‘Web 2.0’ and ‘Synergy’ and stuff. Anyway that’s not important right now. The point is it gave me an idea.

How about, once a month, on maybe a Saturday afternoon, we meet up somewhere in Central London. Somewhere with free wifi. We bring laptops. And we work on schemes and skeptical ninja projects.

Want to blog about your awesome research, some bad science or some skeptical matters? Well we’ll help you set that up one of them there blogs and that.

Want to bounce some ideas around for a project or blog post? Well, they’ll be a bunch of people in a similar place.

Want to get some stuff actually done? Then it’ll be a place to knuckle down with people of a like mind.

Want to brainstorm/piss about with some like minded fools? Well you’ll be in good company.

Want to get some willing accomplices for some cunning scheme or shenanigan - be it merely splitting up FOI requests to full on, mass attack, ten23 style super events? Well then there would be like minds to help out.

Want to hack up a new way to access public data for the skeptical cause? Well maybe we could take a leaf out of the excellent Rewired State meet up that happened last year.

Maybe we could record a noisy rambling podcast. I know James O'Malley (who puts together the excellent Pod Delusion) might be able to help out (Well, if your still interested James?).

So this would be entirely what we make it, but a hacking/blogging/adventuring/scheming/podcasting/FOIA’ing meet up would almost certainly be excellent. Hell, if it gives a few people like me a chance to actually finish a few of their blog posts away from the chaos of real life then it’s worth it.

I'm willing to organise all this if there is interest. I’ll sort out a place we can all meet with free wi-fi and coffee (and booze?). Then you just turn up with a either a fully charged laptop, an idea, or a willingness to help out someone else. I’ve got webspace to donate and I can throw up forums, sites and files as needed.

Remember this isn’t meant to be some elitist, cream of the crop only event (if it was, I wouldn’t be allowed to organise it!) but something where we could all do something. Anything. Create rather consume and all that.

Interested? Then please comment below. Or discuss in on twitter. I suggest the hashtag ‘#skuttle’ to get started.


James said...

I'm in. (I'm the editor of the Pod Delusion).

I'm also a tuttle regular so know how they do things too, if that helps. I bet we could use the same venue they use (near Kings Cross) if we asked nicely too - it's this place:

A slightly more 'project' focused meet-up could be really productive for getting results - the 15 minute breaks at SITP just isn't enough.

Joe Dunckley said...

yes -- sounds good. i've been thinking about possibly doing skeptic videos, so we can add that to the list of things to do.

would the royal institution be too formal a venue? it has coffee and (expensive) beer, and walls lined with pretty old science books and big windows for nice light.

Bill said...

Ooh, thanks for the links James. Knowing how they do things will help alot - but at the same time we should let it become whatevers most useful to people.

I'll contact that place and see what they say.

Awesome stuff Joe, I've been to the Ri a lot, and I doubt we could get a room for free, which is my biggest concern - at least at the start. But again, I'll see what they say.

Hell if it is successful we could even get a grant (especially if I bust out my Dr status) from some research councils...

Zeno said...

Sounds like a great idea - count me in!

Crispian Jago said...

I'm game if its a weekday evening.

D-Notice said...

I'm happy to come along to any meetings and help out in any way possible (probably by making poor-quality jokes)...

vwoodstock said...

I'm interested, but not sure what I could contribute, as I'm new to the scene (recent subscriber to badscienceblogs feed).

Just finishing off my BA Philosophy and have close links with CFI UK ( I am starting to find a calling in the bad/good science, humanism world.

I guess that makes me a Ninja Sceptic Apprentice?