Tedious excuses and housekeeping

Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts. Without going into it, lets just say family matters took precedence. That and science and medicine and the people who devote themselves to those pursuits are all wonderful. But enough of that, I've used the time away to make a few changes. So many in fact that I'm going to use bullet points to try and make it more impressive than it really is...

  • I've a Twitter Feed located here. Yeah, yeah, I know, but still, why not? With varying levels of success it currently; re-tweets The News Fart (aka Del.ici.ous - which is better and older than twitter), advertises new posts on Skeptobot (a horrible twitter sin) and features random musing and cries for help from yours truly. Why not follow it? Huh? The last inane post will be in the side bar to act like a temptress or to ward you off.

  • I've changed the site's layout. It's now pushing the wonderful Gill Sans font, which is like Helvetica, but less snobbish and hasn't had a documentary made about it. You might not have Gill Sans installed (it's only present by default on OS X) so in that case you'll have to make do with Helvetica, or even Verdana. Sorry but you've only yourself to blame. Also I don't have a Windows machine so if there are any problems of XP/Vista do let me know. Though I've already had some feedback so I think it should be fine.

  • Against my better judgement and whilst feeling very dirty, I've put a PayPal tip jar on the site because a very kind person asked if they could buy me a pint over the internet. I honestly expect this never to be used so please don't feel obliged. Especially when much more deserving sites exist (as the side bar attests). That said, It would guilt me into posting more. Also if anyone wants to buy me a pint at the Skeptic in the Pub meets (Roger!) then go right ahead.

  • Remember that great post I was talking about? It's going on hold for a while. The pressure of it (especially at the moment) put me off posting anything - so I'll just wait for it to fall naturally once things have calmed down.

  • Finally my vanity has lead me to throw away my secret identity. The site is no longer anonymous. Stalkers can work out who I am quite easily now despite choosing the most obfuscating mugshot I possible could. I feel it will make me choose my words more carefully and hopefully improve this place.


LewieP said...

Nice new look.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't have Gill Sans as I view everything online with MS WingDings - it gives a clearer view on the world, I find.

Will Whyatt said...


So you are pot of the NEW WORLD ORDER who used Wingdings to leak details about the death of Jews in New York City and the plans for flight Q33NY during 9/11!?

Try me. Type NYC and
Q33 NY and change the font to windings.


Obviously is isn't true. Hell you can even read a pre-Bullshit Penn Jillete write about it if you dig enough.

Why the hell do I know this...

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You can't say that it's too much. ;)

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