Snow post today

Yeah, I'm trying to do weekly updates now - every monday. But it's snowing so the time I was going to spend writing this is going to be spent making a snowman instead. Not even sorry about that.

As I've said though - the next post is great.


Noodle said...

Hmmm! I am sitting here way after this supposed 1 day off and I see an absence of new posts.

I am very skeptical of your supposed new policy. How long does it REALLY take to make a snowman, anyway.

Seriously, your blog is awesome. Don't stop it!

Sorry, I don't mean to be a jerk...

Lave said...

Thanks Noodle! I try not to be the kind of guy that lays his private life out for all to see, but (depressingly numerous) ill relatives put this blog out of my mind for a while. Back asap though.

Also: currently fiddling with the template, so site might go a bit 'funky' for a bit.

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