Professor Carmella's Psychic Studio

You might want to be sitting down for this as it is pretty exciting, a flyer just came through my door from Professor Carmella! Woohoo! What wonders await us dear readers!? Follow me into the exciting world of Professor Carmella...

First there is an awesome palm reading guide - FOR FREE!

Did you know that each finger print on your grubby heathen hands represents 'orator', 'optimist' 'impulsive', 'clergy' and 'will'? Well now you do! The bottom part of your middle finger? That's agriculture. Obviously. It all makes so much sense now, thanks to the wonderful Professor Carmella! But wait there is more...

Professor Carmella has their own Professor Psychic Studio! They are superior to all psychics! Hell, Professor Carmella can destroy witchcraft. Not mitigate. Not undo. DESTROY. Prof Carm is awesome.

And more importantly 100% RESULTS GUARANTEED!

I've hidden the phone numbers out of a sense of decency. But what should I do readers? On one hand I think it's harmless. On the other hand I'm pretty worried that someone in my neighbourhood helps people troubled by witchcraft and claims to cure illness. I'm very tempted to them ring up...


Malc said...

I'm sure it's her who has an open surgery on Pirate FM down in Cornwall...


zeno said...

Report it to the Advertising Standards Authority. They deal with stuff through the letterbox. I've got two or three complaints submitted to them at the moment.

It's very easy to do (and win!), but if you've never done it before, I've created a simple Word template to help gather the information for a complaint before submitting it online. There is other info on previous nonsense like this on this thread.

Lave said...

Oh, It totally slipped my mind that the ASA would cover this. D'oh. Will do, thanks zeno!

Anonymous said...

Did you try the product? Did you try the 100% guarantee?
Or did you decide that it was a false statement based on your intuition. Perhaps YOU'RE the phoney psychic.
A true skeptic would have investigated the claims, not condemned without even a look.
So you're a cynic, not a skeptic. And you sir, give true skeptics a bad name.

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