Fighting Badscience on the internet? Add to your Skepto-utility belt.

This site wants to be placed on your bookmark bar asap. Multiple times when dealing with badscience and the like you'll get the authors quickly removing the incriminating evidence. MyLifeMyID being a good example.

Normally you'll have to download a copy of the page and then re-host it yourself (opening yourself up to copyright infringement claims) But BackupURL seems to cut out the middleman. Simply paste your chosen URL in and it will spit out the address of a newly made cached version that will be immune to any Orwellian tampering.

I've just this minute stumbled across the site so I've no idea about their reliability in the long term, but as an additional tool to your activism it can hardly hurt. I would still do the old print-screen and webpage saving just to be sure though.

Forgive me if this is old news to some, but I've only just heard about it.


LewieP said...


Will Whyatt said...

I see what you did there. Anyone else and.... well I still wouldn't do anything.

Will Whyatt said...

By which I should add LewiePs got a damn nice site. If you like 'puter games.

jdc325 said...

Nice find - looks like that could come in handy.

teekblog said...

cheers for that, I'm sure there are uses a-plenty out there for this!

amoeba said...

There are some very good reasons for this. Certain sites make unannounced alterations, and without the evidence, it's one's word against theirs. WebCite doesn't always work. I've found that BackupURL often does work.

IIRC, I learned of it from Bernard J on Deltoid.

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