New Project - 'Hello. Do you believe in God?'

In which I ask strangers 'Hello. Do you believe in God?' and post what they reply.

I got the idea when an internet chum showed me a website that acts as a chat room for one on one chats with strangers (which sounds creepy when you write it down). I kinda like it because it's anonymous, and no one else is listening, which helps to lead to interesting answers.

I haven't excluded, censored or altered any. Even the ones where I come across like an Idiot with a My-First-Dvorak-Keyboard, so there is a certain amount of wheat vs chaff going on.

I'll give you two examples. Firstly:

And then to lower the tone:

The rest are here. Hope you like them.


DreadPirateMick said...

"Lower"? I disagree. That is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

All those chat logs are telling me is that you spoke to a lot of people from 4chan, who are quite used to lying when anonymous for laughs.

Lave said...

Yep, Anon, thats why I mentioned the whole wheat/chaff thing.

But yeah, as the service is getting more popular now it's becoming increasingly like that yeah.

Anonymous said...

This guy is censoring his logs. I had a perfectly nice chat with him and he refuses to post our log, so I will do it myself:

Stranger: Do you believe in god?
You: Don't start with me!
Stranger: I won't!
You: I believe in something better than God.
Stranger: So, a god?
You: No not a God... something even better!
Stranger: Such as?
You: Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll
Stranger: So, you're atheist?
You: Atheist, no...
You: That is a strong word.
Stranger: Agnostic?
You: This had better show up on your blog!
Stranger: Well now it won't.
Stranger: Good job.

At least you could delete the idiot /b/tard posts and post the somewhat intelligible ones.

Lave said...

Ha, ha, there are some queued up for posting, but that wasn't one of them.

People must be copying me, or lying. Both of which is awesome.

Michael Wheeler said...

That was me...

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