News Fart!

Imams refuse to play woman priests in Oslo soccer match

- Haaretz - Israel News
: "'Some say that bodily contact is the problem. It leads to special feelings that can lead to something forbidden,'"

"The match was to have followed talks meant to build bridges between faiths in Norway."

Piss up in a brewery fellers? I respect peoples right to have so little faith in themselves that they believe that touching a woman during football is going to produce uncontrollable lust. I can't force you not to be morons after all. But fucking hell guys if you can't organize a footy match what chance do your silly faiths have in getting along about important things.

PBS TV Stations to Air Three-Part Documentary on Atheism -- 04/30/2007: "Conservative Christians are criticizing a plan by Public Broadcasting Service stations to begin showing later this week a three-part television documentary series on atheism, calling it 'demagogic and propagandistic.'"

Whenever anyone wants to prevent you from seeing something - then you can be pretty certain they are always, always in the wrong. (I've seen the show in question, which was made by the BBC, It's superb.)

Atheists Celebrate, Christians Lament Lawmaker's Stance on God -- 03/14/2007: "U.S. Congressman has caused a stir by becoming the first member of the legislative body to declare himself not to believe in God."

The coming of "The Dark Times" have just been pushed back a fortnight.

Though the same people who complained about the tv show about atheism - Concerned Women for America - complain again:

"It is unfortunate in a society that is going down the path of godlessness and making right wrong and wrong right, that we continue down this path by celebrating one member of Congress who denies that God exists altogether,"
Concerned Women for America Director of Legislative Relations Mike Mears

Mike Mears? What? But then these Concerned women seem so old fashioned that they would need a man to lead them...