Media Bias on Transgenders rasing "concerns"

Media Bias on Transgenders Raising Concerns | "'With more anti-discrimination laws being passed, though, it does seem like things are moving in that direction,' she adds.

Federal legislation on expanding hate crimes to include violent attacks against individuals on the basis of 'gender, sexual orientation and gender identity' is currently being reviewed by the Senate. Christians have strongly voiced opposition to the expansion, arguing that the bill could silence believers who view homosexuality as sinful. That also applies to the transgender."

This is about a transgender woman being in Ugly Betty.

See America, I don't want to be all "holier than thou" - but 1) being against a bill that prevents violent crime is pretty retarded, and 2) in the UK the 2nd largest national soap, Coronation Street, has had - for years - a man "married" to woman-who-used-be-a-man.

Our nation hasn't been destroyed. Kids aren't all turning into differing sexes - and everythings been hunky dory.

And even more telling. That soap is generally regarded as being pretty "safe" and "dull." They are dull, and normal and just get on with life. The Governmentcommended it and people weren't scared and sickened.

Here's the happy couple:
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You can't have a bias over something that doesn't hurt others.

Get over it America.