A Challenge to Digg: Stop the Government burying news.

BBC NEWS | Politics | ID card costs rise above £5bn: "Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Nick Clegg said: 'It is bad enough that the government seeks to bury bad news behind the camouflage of Tony Blair's announcement.

'Breaking the law to do so breaks new ground even for Tony Blair's Labour Party.'"

I don't like ID cards for lots of reasons. The cards are powered by a huge database of everyone in the country. All your details in one place. And I think thats open to abuse. NO2ID can explain the flaws in more detail.

The Government agreed to announce the offical cost estimates every 6 months, and they are three weeks over due when they got released today. Why? Well it seems the Government have decided to hide the announcement that the costs have risen half a billion quid behind the resignation of the Prime Minister.

Thats rather cuntish.

So I challenge you digg. Spread the word. They may try and hide it, so we just need to shout louder. Visit the BBC article linked in the title. Get the ID card article above the Resignation article in the Beeb's 'Most viewed' and 'Most emailed.'

Cause a fuss. You're good at it.