What the Hell america.

YouTube - O'Reilly - Kirk Cameron defending God to atheists: "O'Reilly - Kirk Cameron defending God to atheists"

This is on a news channel?!

"I was poking holes in the Big Bang Theory"

I don't know what to say. It's the perfect demonstration of the pointless of arguing. You craft these beautiful arguments, to explain and inform. And whilst they may not convince your opponent they should at least raise the standard of debate. In the same way that their rebuttals force you to raise yours.

Thats not what this is.


Michael Robinson said...

The thing that bugs me the most about people like this is that they try to argue that because we haven't identified the exact nature of our existence, it must be a deity of some sort, then ignore you when you ask who designed the designer. :\

redhalo said...

Crocoduck? What a complete misunderstanding of transitionalism. There is evidence of one species evolving into another, it's just that a duck didn't come from a damn crocodile. Wrong evolutionary path buddy. I suppose he thinks having a picture justifies his argument some how.

Michael: excellent point.