How Scientology will stalk you. A guide to protesting on Saturday.

(Sorry for the rambling of this poor update, but I wanted to get this info out before the next protest in case it's of use to anyone.)

In the next few posts, I'll be reviewing how Anonymous handled itself in the February protests, what having an E-meter reading is like and what it's like being tailed and followed by Scientologists, and hence whether you should wear a mask.

I'll focus on the latter first, as I'm running out of time before the next protest happens. Also I'm writing this at 3 am when I really should be sleeping, so expect the spelling and grammar to be even worse than the normal terrible standard. Sorry.

In my *last post* on the the whole Scientology vs Anonymous shennagins I tried to explain who exactly Anonymous are and what the whole thing was about. Long story short, Anonymous is a joke that the real world (like FOX news) took seriously, and so ironically created. [The game will be played till they get bored. Since the first article It seems the majority of the community involved have got bored, but their seems to be a strong, if more traditional, group that's been created by all this.)

The Pre Game preparation (it's not paranoia if they are really out to get you)

Waking up, hung over, in an unfamiliar house, the idea of trampling around London didn't seem that appealing. Would anyone turn up? Uptil now I had seen just a few jpeg posters and comment threads, so for all I new it might just be a dozen people. Or no one. Still I had agreed to meet a friend, so I had no choice.

First issue, should I wear a mask? The fliers recommended it, but I didn't feel I had to hide who I was, so I decided I wouldn't. But the tails of *'revenge'* scientologists have been known to take on protesters meant I grabbed some shades and a bandanna on my way out.

So, thanking my kind hosts who had put me up and nursing the mother of all hang overs, I left for the nearby North london Tube station (about 5 stops north of their Dyanetics centre) to head south to their HQ, holding the Sunglasses and Bandanna in my hand, feeling stupid that I thought such measures might be necessary.

When a man took my photograph.

I looked at him, and he preceded to continue to photograph the wall behind me, whilst his friend waited for him to finish. I walked on a few meters and turned into the station. I stood their for a second, composed my thoughts leant back round to look at him.

He was there with his friend. Watching me watch them. I realised they both had big, black SLR cameras. One of the ones with big telephoto lenses.

Whilst topping up my Oyster card my confusion started making me feel paranoid. I decided to lean round the corner and snap a photo of the two. Just in case.

Free Image Hosting at

Yeah, not very good is it? But the two suspects, are the two blurs facing away from me hidden by those in the foreground.

During the tube journey I realised that I was being stupid. They wouldn't be photographing people before they got to the protests would they? Before you had put on your mask?

Of course they wouldn't be...

Realising that I had some time to kill before I met my friend I hopped of the tube at Goodge Street thinking I would check how the centre of Dynatics was behaving before the protests were scheduled to start. Anonymous's (sic?) plan was to protest the HQ in the morning, have a break for lunch and reconvene at the centre about 2.

One thing lead to another and I ended up having a E-meter reading. But I'll save what happened till later.

20 minutes later, I'm heading down to meet my friend, and we make our way to the UK Headquaters of Scientology. You have to remember this was something organised on the internet with no real figureheads. No leaders. I didn't expect many people. I definitly didn't expect this (click to biggify):

Free Image Hosting at


I'll save a review of the protest till later, but the people were friendly, they were polite, and they had fliers and banners and were enthused with talking to the public. I caught a number explaining why they felt they had to wear masks to passers-by. I started to see their point. The protest was of such high quality that a few people had decided they were on clean up duty and were collecting litter. I was impressed.

But then I got creeped out. I expected the Scientologists to be filming everyone. That was a given. But I realised that the staff members, typically 18-35 year old males in casual clothes wandering around taking photo's of the protestors, all had the same black SLR camera.

The same camera those two men had early this morning. Scientology must have placed its members around tube stations in London to try and pre-emptively photograph people before they arrived at the protests. There was no other explanation.

A Trip to Forbidden Planet and a hasty retreat

During the break we headed back via the tube. Hundreds of masked anonymous people on the underground was quite a site.

As was the fact that there were already the same mid 20's man with black SLR cameras. Trying to get photos of people without their disguises on the tube. Assuming quite rightly that many would take them off to avoid the wrath of the transport police.

Frankly, it had been a strange day. I was hung over and creeped out. A little on edge we decided that before going to the place where I had already introduced myself to everyone by having an E-meter reading a disguise was in order.

So we decided to go buy one of the V for Vendetta masks that everyone was wearing from Forbidden Planet, the main provider of the mask of choice of Anonymous.

And this is where it gets fucked up.

Inside forbidden planet we see another two people. This time a man and a woman. Late twenties. With the same identical big SLR cameras.

Scientologists were staking out the geek shop to look for people buying masks.

We watched the woman pretend to be interested in some Dr Who figures for about ten minutes. Who would keep scanning the store looking for trouble makers.

I decided to try and get footage of the two of them, by pretending to make a phone call whilst using it's camera to film them from across the store (my camera phone is shit, it didn't work). I'm no James Bond, but if they were just ordinary shoppers they wouldn't have noticed anything. Or at least not cared. But they weren't.

We left the store, and quickly realised that we thought we were being followed. Like in some poor movie.

Thinking fast we did what anyone would have done. We went round the nearest corner, stopped and waited for them.

And waited, and waited, and waited.

And just as we were giving up and assumed we imagined it, they came round the corner camera high snapping away. Whilst we took this:

Free Image Hosting at

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Here they are in the bottom right.

We waved and smilied and the scientologists, who were visible shaken and quickly left.

In hindsight we should have repeated the favour and followed them. But we didn't.

Likewise the next protest had even more scientologists scattered around the area trying to photograph suspects on the way to the protest. And plenty shoving their cameras into the crowd. Like this guy:

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So sorry for the rambling nature of this post, but I wanted to just give some advice on the level of surveillance Scientology will employ tomorrow. The joke may have got old, and no one may turn up. But the scientologists will. So even if your not protesting, if your travelling around London keep and eye out for them by the tubes in North London. I'll try and improve the post over the next day. But I'm snowed under with work...



Scott Harrison said...

I am going to link this to all the Sunderland anonymous tonight...I am going there as a "member of the press" (printing out my business cards to hand out today.)

It will be interesting what the scientologists to do me...since I am going to give them a card and say to them "if you want your side to be told, I will be across the road."


Anonymous said...

While some of them do sound suspicious, I think you're being a bit paranoid. "The same black SLR camera"? Maybe you are a digital camera expert, but almost all SLR cameras are black and they all look pretty similar. And it was a very newsworthy event, some of the photographers were doubtlessly bloggers, protesters or protest-sympathizers themselves, or even actual pro photographers (working freelance).

Anonymous said...

This is REAL!!!!! I have been hounded since 2003 not only in person but technologically. they sent some creepy jerks after me with electronic gadgets in their hands that keep triggering certain checmisl in my brain wtih certain frequencies every time I try to have a feeling.. they use the sex hormone specifically cause they like thevibe. they call themselves the marionette mafia and followed me allo over from london to Chicago and MIlwaukee even...I have become soo isolated because it is true waht the judge calledl ruhharb.. a pathological liar. they mock me and all my gut level hoensty and my truth constantyl so that when I tal to someone around me its usually a scientologist... I nearly commited suicide and I heard one o them in my half awake satate say - oh thats dangerous and they back ed off a littl ebit btnot enough. they cause a deadly car accicdnet to happen to cause me great injuries and disable and break me .. then they extorted me financially via technology and the bank and me cold not figure out how it was happening lall I knew was I was on limited income from my divorce. I was told I can either get married and live of this guys money who was after me.. or nothing... I chose nothing.. knwoing that it wodl not stop them.. they attacked me one day in agroup of about 5 people one after the other unbekownst to me at teh youth hostel in Chicago.. unbeknownst to me also. my old therepist was the oen who began this stuff on me years ago.. or maybe not it's very similiar to 12 step programs....and os it ets a bit gray there.. but when she flipped out and got sick - I suspect attackedby someone who I in itialyl thought was the mob.. but now I wonder.. how much she knew of this stuff...
I want nothing to do with this god damned religous cult and yet they not only hypnotized me against my will by using neurolinguistic style programming on mewhen they came to talk to me in the hostel. the one guy spolke my lingo as if hed been studying me for years as if he was me.. I was shaken. He knew I needed money and had been looking for investors and he wanted a gyuarantee.e I"m guessing he woudl be using this shit to guarnetee his cash.I didnt want his cash and hyet he contionue to chound me.. then a few monthsafter that he attacked againonly this time with blaclk magic and more hypnosis and vodoo.. and since then has had me running thorugh the streets in Switzerland, paris london and Chicago penniless an dhungry begging and following people who hypnotically wave to me to come by and show me anopen hotel door or free food.. never mind I cant eat half the fod but causei"M hungry and cant get away form them I have ben but it's destroyed my body and beauty and wasted time in my life I have tried soo hard to get away adn figure out whwere to go but wverywhere I turn it's as if they guy who did the black magic on me jumps out of me into other people and then I end up talking to him but what looks liek other peopel. very wierd occurance. and I cant defend myself.. they program others to rage at me and surprise me and think it's funy. this si tno ok . the use satellite blasts to the brain because they have gotten with some powerful psychologists nad scientists who have figure out the language of the brain .. and the military as well.. and then they shoot it into your brain adn then I"m prpogramed now for 50 years etc.. not ok and they programmedin illness and death threats so that if I dont do their will theen I wil die a horribble death and illness. I used to look 15 years younger than my true age and I used to be healthy calm centered and sreeneI am not hobbling around on broken arched feet and hurting hips and spine and muscels and kjoints dotn work well and they contionue to try and deconstruct and destroy me to tak eme oer completely. when I asked the old therepist for help she said"things have changed and shes not the same" now I gotta wonder if she bought iinot this damned program years ago. .I have one consolation and that is that she is dying fom her oown experiments with this shit and trying to push it onto others..
they use the internet to control my emaila and who I talk to etcc I cant reach anyone I once knew. they got to all my friends and fnas naf amily memerbs as well and told them bad thigns about.. they distro the turth.. or how did oprah put it so eloquently.. the Adjust th e truth - liek really good marketers andpublicisti. and it' ntook . they hypnotized me so much so that in my half awake state I can hear their voices and they control my being.. IO woke up one morning to find myself talking to my brother and telinghim I never want to see him again. They also wanted me to cut my hair and get a day job. but I was and shall remoan self employed.. and I like my long hair and I knew that cutting my hair was not going to get them to stop.. so Ididnt.. but they use psychnic s who ware very powerful and a some sort of alternative ultrasonic energy machine that changes brain wave patterns and attacked me and try to keep me down tiwht it to force me to do theri will it's notok and I need help and I dont knwo how to get away.. they guy who did the black magic on me keeps walking me through omy sleep as if to do what he says and I cant stop.. he programs things and triggers and buttons adn wehatnot.. he programmed my period to be cut off and gpo shorter and when I complained they brought it back to m =normal. that is how siclly powerful and terrbile these people ttruly are and they work wtih the military and the govt and ethe netertainment industry.. They have been trying t push thier new sound technology machine in HOllywood to the studios which transmits various signals that mind control people or set them up to be hypnotized. they have an obsession wtih stargate and the number 9 and teh gods of egypt and teh pyramids etc.. dont believe it. its' real human beings there areno aliene just real humans with very evil intentions lots of money adn far more advanced technology that most folks can imagine and they hit you wilth all of it to try and control you.. check out nielsenthe ratings compnay. they just bought intioneuro focuse which uses alo of the same technology.. this is getting realllly bad and I need help getting away from it all. ideas anyone?
they exxtorted me so badly that recently I lost all i ever owned that i kept in my locker cause I colud not afford an aprtment anymore.. soeonebought my business and allI owend in an auction. I need help fast and I cant get away.. I have an attorneyfor this car accident they caused.. and I cant get him to move aster on the case . and so I couldnt save my stuff and that is what they.. the last conectoin to who I was.. everything in that locker woudl have been able to get meback to me and who Iwas like the girl int his story but they came after meso hard.. that they destroyd that ability in me.. they have forced me to call my brother under hypnotic spell one morninga s I was half awakeand tell him I neverwant to see or talk to him aagin. and he just took itin stride like it was no big deal.. I snapped out of it later and realized what had happened and calledh im back and spoke with him but something was wierd it was as if they had already gotten to him to.. they used subliminal digital programingon teh internet to oprpess me and destroy my creativ ability.. andput in softeware in my brain l. software isdualistic.. it cannot be creative and does not have th alight in it and theyblasted it into mybrain and I fear I wil never be able to gr rid o this shit.. they took away my aura cleaned it acording to their desires and I heard them then call eme a "Safe'person. duh not thanks I liked my colorful aura. and now I have no chacne at rebuilding it back to who I was.. I hate me and I hate peopel and I cant stand anyone and I cant trust anyone adn I cant get any help cause so many of them areal aorund and they use tech and psychic frap to affect the poeple I speak with so that they keep me hypnotized I need some serious help andhave no where to turn I have not been able to p[ay my tazesin three years por pay any beills.. please anyone know how to stop this shit and get me back and get rid of this vood hypnosis shit they are doing to meplease help fast! I miss me and my cool life and self I used to be and had.. please somebody help! I hate scientology and all teh assholes in it! and if it means i have to oint hem to continue my work in this indsutry then the industry can go to hell.without me in it.

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