Creation 'science' museum tours.

Here's a ABC clip about what Creationists in America do when faced with the issue that every museum around them is based on data and the scientific method. If you've pulled your kid from school to hide him from science then it's a short step to hiring your own creationist tour guide whenever you venture outside (especially if your are going to science museum). One who will filter and worm and twist his way around this scary world doing his best to bend reality to your hopes and scriptures, all the time making sure he won't 'have enough time' for the panel about how scientists date the age of fossils.

The group are called B.C. Tours, which they explain:

B.C. stands for Biblically Correct. We are B.C. and not P.C. (politically correct). We might even say the "J" word in public.

Their site is amazing, with their main approach to getting custom being:
Win every argument!

Presumably then it's a common experience for creationists to lose arguments on their beliefs, so much so that they have to hire professionals to defend them on their behalf.

Depressingly that is just a stop gap till you can afford to build your own museum. Which you can watch a bunch of high school kids visit here.

Via friendlyatheist via athiestjew, and a link from friendly reader Roger.