Turkey's secular protests

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Huge rally for Turkish secularism: "Tens of thousands of people are rallying in Istanbul in support of secularism in Turkey, amid a row over a vote for the country's next president."

There is a scary situation in Turkey at the moment. With the new President appearing to be a fundamental Muslim, arguments over the validity of his appointment, the public rallying for secularism in their government with the protests getting 300,000 people in attendance, and the Army (which has a history of coups) stating that it will defend secularism.

I don't really understand the details of whats happening, but this seems to be a huge event thats being ignored - so I'm going to look into in as soon as I get chance. Here's hoping the people's protests work.

A military coup would be a terrible thing, as is a democracy becoming a theocracy. Unless the peoples protests are sucessful in preventing - or at least constraining - the actions of this new religious government the outlook is pretty dire.

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