10 easy steps to a Facist USA

This Guardian article has been making the rounds on various blogs - but it's good enough to get reposted again here. It is long, and isn't perfect. But it makes a strong point very well.

A good example of this kind of oppression is The Lives of Others which I went to see this weekend - and it's easily the best film I've seen in last year. It's about the East German Governments efforts to spy on a playwright. And that might sound pretentious and shitty, but it really isn't. It's superb. Anyhow, the point I was trying to make was that this film shows you that there was such a situation in CENTRAL EUROPE whilst I was ALIVE and playing with BOGLINS - but despite this we all seem to wander around convinced that this kind of oppression will never befall the west again.

But then if we don't even give a shit when western companies support this hideous behaviour in china, what makes us deserve it for ourselves?