The Apprentice: Cymothoa exigua - you're fired!!

I watched a repeat of the Beeb's Apprentice last night. This week the job was to find an artist and host a night to flog as much stuff as you could. One of the contestants disliked the art he had to sell - refusing to sell the ones that featured a dead fish placed between two boobies. Because boobies are rude. After censoring his Artist he then went on state that, whilst describing her art, she talked about evolution and that "she may have evolved from a fish - but I didn't". Depressingly this wasn't even challenged by those with him at the time.

I've also been reading about Cymothoa exigua - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - a parasite that attaches itself to a fishes tongue and proceeds to eat some of the food that enters the fishes mouth. Eventually it cuts of the blood to the fishes tongue, destroys it and clamps onto the remaining stub - forcing the fish to use the parasite itself as it's new tongue.

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Well, Mr "Bound-to-be-fired-in-the-next-few-weeks" I would rather have Evolution be responsible for my Great^(lots) Grandad having been a fish, than having to believe that when God was setting up his ecosystem for the planet he decided that it was missing a creature designed to rip out your tongue and take it's place. Imagine how shit the world would be if he forgot to invent that!

At least Noah managed to find all the fresh water parasites that would have died in the saltwater flood and keep them alive so that a tired atheist could despair at the horrors of the natural world when surfing wikipedia an 2:30 in the morning.

Oh well, at least Skeptobot will go to the top of the rankings for the countless "The Apprentice Cymothoa exigua" google searches. That will definitely get us new readers...