The Future of Skeptobot

So after the YTMND "event" and a regular flow of readers it's time to take Skeptobot further. I want Skeptobot to continue to grow. So here's the outline of my plan to try and turn you all into regular readers:

1) Skeptobot will get an update ever week. Currently this will be Wednesdays (most likely in the afternoon). Hopefully it will update more often than that - but I hope knowing there will be weekly content will help keep you coming back.

2) I know I do not have nearly enough readers for contributions - but the offer is there!

3) Apart from news updates and commentary about random crap. I have three little projects in my mind. I will most likely talk about these in the Bad Science Forums and the Richard Dawkins Forum but will co-ordinate them here. Two are silly - but one is quite serious.

4) Comments are good!

And to answer the comment of Ben Goldarce (yeah, that's right - look impressed) - the Christian comments came about from YTMND (an American "comedy" site where users use animated gifs and sound files to make their own little web pages).

A Christian user of the site there was creating webpages about how all atheists go to hell, and have killed more people than all religious people put together and so on. So suffering from insomina I put the site about the pale blue dot together. It's flawed, ugly and has very annoying music (due to an in-joke) but by some miracle has been visited 78,000 times in the last month.

The Christian users there took great offence to it, insulted me in the YTMND comments thread and then followed the link here - where they are a lot seem a lot more erudite and don't just tell me I'm going to hell. I've loced every second.

It's been splendid.


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