Dinosaur Adventure Land eats itself.

The Ministers of the Creationist Ministries' Dinosaur Adventure Land are under arrest for 58 counts of tax fraud.

When your defence lawyer describes it as a case of "Ignorance of the law and their religious beliefs." you know you are fucked.

This Dinosaur adventure land has made "April the 1st "Darwins Day." And rather than describe it, its safe to say that basically every hideous thought that has popped into your head? Yeah that's true.

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Their ignorance of the law included failing to pay around $470,000 worth of wages and hence the taxes on them by calling them "love offerings" to their ministers and volunteers instead. Resisting a search warrant and, depressingly, making $5 million dollars in 5 years selling merchandise about creationsim but seemingly not paying taxes on any of it.

Their ignorance of Religion was by being a "literalist who takes every word of the Bible as truth." Well that and making a big park about how God got pissed off with all the dinosaurs so killed them in Noah's flood a few thousand years ago (Apart from the triceratops in the picture he apparently saved.).

Like Mel "Jews have caused all the wars in the world" Gibson - it's so beautiful when who piss us all off destroy themselves for our benefit.

UPDATE: Sorry just got to add that according to this one of there proofs against evolution is a fossilised crayon. That's awesome.