Generation Rescue's Insane Video. Jenny MCarthy and Jim Carrey fight vaccinations and MMR.

Just a quick heads up. Generation Rescue is Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey's anti-vax and autism site.

Watch this video. I've never seen anything, anything like it.

I haven't time to talk about it in depth. And it has left me speechless. It's tragic, sad and insane and I can't give it the response it deserves. But by pimping it here I hope the better qualified BadScienceBloggers will snap it up.

I've heard rumours Oprah is giving McCarthy her own Chat show. Please, please, please, please, please don't be true.

A few highlights for those that can't watch the video:

  • Vaccines contain Mercury, Aluminum, Ether, Antifreeze and Human aborted fetal tissue.
  • Kids eating Dairy & Gluten is the same as them smoking a joint.
  • The Secret works
  • When IranandIraq attacks the brain in turns on Rambo mode and then kids can't think.
OK, i'm taking the last one out of context (not that the context makes it better). But bloody hell.
EDIT: Also I still seem to be having picture issues for some people (but not all). Sorry.


Rod Gillies said...

Went and had a look at this site and was franly-appalled.

Out of interest, I completed the "Worried your child might have autism?" survey.

I only answered yes to 3 questions out of about 15, all of which described what I consider to be perfectly-normal behaviour.

I was slightly taken-aback to then be given a result that my normal, healthy, well-adjusted 11 year-old son might be suffering from "a mild version of autism".

This website is a misleadind and dangerous pile of shite. Those involved in running it should be prosecuted for something.

Rod Gillies said...

Sorry, I just read my post and noticed a number of typos. Very poor.

I think I might have been too cross to type carefully...

Jhon said...

I still seem to be having picture issues for some people.

You cannot go wrong on the best security systems