Dutch news piece on Biblicaly Correct (B.C.) Tours

So a German Dutch speaking film crew went to film a B.C. Tour. The very first part is in German Dutch (or at least I think it is germa it is if you are ignorant) but afterwards we are good to go.

I last talked about this lot here. It's depressing to be reminded they still exist. I think it is significant to note that an organisation that promotes complex 'science' like this and gets worldwide attention has a web site that looks like this:

'Win every argument' indeed.

(This post was also a sneaky test of the site - hopefully, the images, embeds and text are now all hunky dory - please let me know if you are still having problems)


l33t MD said...

Video worked (that's dutch, not german, by the way) but the photo didn't.

Depressing stuff indeed...

Bill said...

Having a girlfriend who speaks fluent german you think I wouldn't have needed to show my ignorance so obviously. Thanks l33t MD*!

Tor said...

Heh, I wouldn't worry; you still have a lot to go on compared to the people at BC Tours. ;)

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