Terrorist propaganda or al-Qaeda research? No it's Fallout 3

Don't worry Skeptobot hasn''t become obssessed with CCTV/privacy and terror. It's just in the news a lot at the minute. So much so that I couldn't help notice The  Daily mail wip up a fury about this image:

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Seriously go and read their "news story." I mean just look at it's web address for fucks sake:

Read it? Good.
I first noticed the image when The Metro (UK free newspaper) carried it on Thursday describing it as "chilling":
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Now is this a image created by an al-Qaeda internet site where they plan to destroy the world.  Or is, perhaps, a promotional image for the upcoming computer game Fallout 3 ? 

Of course it is.

So the entire news story should read that al-Qaeda can use Google Image fucking Search.

Update: More details here (kotaku.com - a computer game site)

With thanks to Dudley who confirmed I wasn't going mad.
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