Obama vs McCain: Faith off!

Here's a recent video from John McCain about Christianities role in the USA whilst campaigning to Beliefnet.com.

Which is of course massively factually inaccurate, not least because most of the founding fathers were deists and "In God We Trust" not being the motto of the USA till the 50's.

And here's Barak Obama giving a speech in 2006:

I dislike heavily edited things so here is the full 40min talk by Obama (I couldn't find a longer clip of McCain).

I think everyone who makes their way to this site (regardless of their faith) are going to be a lot more impressed with the latter talk - hell after the last 8 years it's almost astonishing. It will be interesting to see if Obama sticks to his guns on the topic, the fact that talk was given in a church is a good sign after all. Heres hoping.

Despite our 'special relationship' I find it reassuring that whilst Presidential candidates in America talk like McCain here in the UK Tony Blair was worried that people might think him a "A Nutter" .

Overall I think that is a far healthier position to be in.


Branigan said...

Wow he even managed to mention atheists! (obviously he couldn't use the word "atheist", but he was in a church at the time.)
I've listened to quite a few of Obama's speeches, talks and interviews and he seems to have been very consistent in his opinions and reasoned justifications.
I hope lots Americans appreciate his well thought out and considerate view points and i hope even more people of all religions and no religion are as disgusted by mcCain's thoughtless and discriminatory remarks as me.

Lave said...

We can but hope!