News Fart: Faith Prisons, UFO larks and Scientology

Once you're graduated from your faith school, and if you fall from grace, don't worry you can now climb back up at a Faith Prison, like Vance in Texasa. Now I've a long list of reasons why I'm against faith schools, and at least some seem to apply to Prisons. The article is full of praise for how much violence has fallen in Vance faith prison, and how much the people their want to achieve, but then buried deep in the article you get this little nugget:

The InnerChange program at Vance is open, on a voluntary basis, to men with less than two years left on their sentences. Sex offenders and inmates with bad disciplinary records are excluded.

Like a lot of Faith Schools, they get to select the 'best' criminals, and then boast how their system works so well.

Though it's tragic, when the benefits of treating Prisoners like humans, and giving them hope and skills for the future, can't be seen directly, and have to be reflected through a magic man in the sky.

Man uses fake UFO to scare crowds. Now this should be against all I stand for as it encourages people to believe in lies. But yet it's so awesome. There is also a great quote from the Police:
"There's no ordinance that says it's illegal to fly a super-double-secret, gyroscoptic UFO in county airspace."

Scientologist's include fake recommendation (and city seal) from San Francisco Major Gavin Newsom in their promotional booklet. Given away when they quote him saying San Francisco is home to "740,000 souls"

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