is going to be amazing.

MyLifeMyID has just launched. It's going to be a footbullet of immense calibre. A while back leaked documents showed the government plans to "coerce" people into signing up for the database state by various methods. Once method was to go after the young first. Assuming they are the most stupid and gulliable.

As such Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is fronting a down with the Yoof have your say forum on the subject of ID cards. It's going to get messy.

Current topics at the time of writing are:

Shop Assistants using the need to show ID to bully people
How can you stop civil servants peeking?
This website's Modeators are biast (sic)
Why are my new posts "moved" but actually deleted?
Looking forward to a simpler ID system
What age should people have an ID card?
Official ID Card Video
Don't want, Won't have
Why centralised?
New eyeballs

Make your voice heard people!

The Register has more.


Anonymous said...

I urge you to register and say you are 65+

It is supposed to be open only to people aged 18-25, but through a glitch you can register as 65+.

I'm sure the ID card database will be far more robust though...

Lave said...

I have actually registered (as skeptobot), but they won't send me the confirmation email. Somebody linked to this little write up on the forum itself, so it's interesting to see if thats the reason...

Anonymous said...

heh, that was me.

Lave said...

Cheers Anon!