Science and Religion IN SPACE!

In 2003, as part of a billion dollar arms deal, Russia agreed to send a Malaysian into space. This has lead to an interesting situation where the final two contestants (yes, it appears to have been some sort of 'Pop idol' style contest) are both Muslims.

This article really brings home how Science and Religion both handle the changing world universe.

Where real world morals and methods are clearly part of an ever changing flux, and nothings more delightful than a scientific view being demolished, religious views are often set in stone.

So how does a man pray 5 times a day, when each day lasts only 90 mins? How does he face Mecca when it's speeding past him at ~1600km/h?

As such Malaysia's Department of Islamic Development has had to create a 20 page guide on how to observe Ramadan in space.

This isn't meant to be critical, I just think it's a brilliant example of how Religion will be forced to adapt as our scientific progress continues. If concessions are allowed to be made for space flight, then that paves the way for concessions to be made for other products of the scientific age. Like genetic modification, and stem cell research.

Although, saying that, they do fall down at the end where they say that:

"During the prayer ritual, if you can't stand up straight, you can hunch. If you can't stand, you can sit. If you can't sit, you should lie down"
Which is clearly completely meaningless. Of course he could make standing, sitting or lying motions, near something.

Man, I'm a pedant.